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All records are kept over at AscendancyRecords

I am the mind behind Ascendancy Stables! My goals are to have fun, relax, and enjoy the world of AS.

I don't thank people for watches, but know I AM thankful nevertheless! I will try to respond to all comments though, and I'm open to thoughtful critique! I trace, so if you are anti-tracing move on to another page, I don't want to hear it. I can draw perfectly fine without tracing, but I don't enjoy it nearly as much. I like the coloring/shading/story aspect of the stables much more.

*PROUD FORMER USER OF PAINT.NET AND A STANDARD LAPTOP TRACKPAD MOUSE* All images before May 2013 were made with a laptop mouse. Don't blame the tool!

If you suddenly find yourself blocked and are wondering why...well wonder no more
I don't want to make a new doc for every little thing I come up with, so I'm going to put them here.


1. Arrival
2. Sparkle's first 100 days
3. Saadya's first 100 days
4. 2022 Mini-Plans

(83 words)
A little spree of new arrivals included 4 Fulgers and a Zlesdin. The first two were horses that had moved around a bit in their fairly young lives. One Fulger and one Zlesdin, a mare and a stallion. Neither of them were broken, although the mare had excellent ground manners. The stallion was a group bred horse, a beautiful Silver Buckskin. He had been in two stables before AS, but nothing was really done with him aside from getting him used to bathing.

(260 words)
The young mare hadn't seen more than a halter in all her 5 years, but she was proving a stable and easy to train horse. Sarah (new) had been put in charge of her breaking and despite her lack of experience she had Sparkle calm under full cross country tack in little over a week. She was carrying the dummy around, ground driving and working over poles at a trot at a month. Sarah got her used to bathing, brushing and braiding. She did not like her tail braided and if given the choice would rub it out, but she didn't mind her mane being braided. She sent her over a few jumps to check her inate talent and found while she had the drive her scope is rather shallow. Hopeful that this deficiency would resolve itself in time, Sarah began backing the silver mare.
She was terrified of large bouncy objects, so Sarah had to pause in her under saddle training to help her with her fear.
She gathered up about six of the jolly balls and put them in random locations within the indoor arena. Behind these she put treat stations with her favorite treats so she would have to pass the balls to get the treats. She then let the mare loose in the arena and left her there for about 20 minutes. The treats were mostly gone, and Sparkle was merely uneasy with the balls instead of wide-eyed and blowing.
Her under-saddle training went smoothly from there, and Sparkle was ready to enter her first show.

(66 words)
Saadya's first owner outside the import stable was a small stable in France. He wasn't there long before he was sold to a stable in Italy. Very soon after, Ascendancy picked him up. He is currently being broken to ride and his very lax ground manners are being addressed. He enjoys being bathed, gets along with the dogs but is quite afraid of the big cats.

(314 words)
Ania sat under one of the large oak trees in the foaling pasture. All around her foals played an wobbly legs, tired mothers watching over them cautiously. Every few minutes a horse would come greet her, lipping at her hair and staying for a pat before returning to the green grass around them.
She was scrolling through the stable database and planning out the next few months. Fel was supposed to be bringing lunch out so they could make some decisions. Beside her were several halters and leads: they could inspect the residents at the same time. Norry lounged at her feet. Her brother Homer carefully patrolled the nearest edge of the pasture.
She looked up at the sound of heavy footsteps: Fel was perched on Thomas' back, a small basket pinned under his leg. He smiled at her as he dismounted from the large cat. "How are they?" he asked her with a kiss. She smiled in return.
"Rambunctious. How was your ride?"
"Good. Censor is doing very well with his collection but he needs more  work on extension." He handed her a sandwich from his bag. "Have any thoughts yet?"
"Yes. I think we should take a year off of breeding. There aren't any pressing breedings to do, and we have a lot of youngsters." He nodded.
"We don't need to breed any of the dogs either. Abelard and Emmeline are doing well getting all of the appropriate dogs started training and the puppies are ready to begin showing." The pale grey filly Venus trotted up and nudged Fel's shoulder, drawing his attention for a time. "Should we start?" he asked quietly, trying not to spook her. Ania grabbed a foal halter and handed it to him. He slipped it on Venus' neck quickly, and she nickered reproachfully. Cloud's head raised from her meal, and with a snort walked over to the couple.

Copyright Rainbow Aniajag, please do not heavily reference or copy without permission

Continuing to track earnings for 2024! Currently in the first quarter.

Total earnings from foals, training, and sold horses: $5,000
Total earnings from auction rescues (adopts): $500
Total Vet fees: $6,200 ({[60/farrier+40/shots+100/exam]*number of horses}
Total feed expenses: $9,455
Total ranking earnings: $7000
Total show earnings so far in 2024: $80,343
Total racing (dA) earnings so far in 2024: $
Total racing (RNG) earnings so far in 2024: $
Total Show-Circuit earnings so far in 2024: $2235
Travel/show expenses: $11,784
Total earnings for 2024: $51,559

Show prizes
Bacchus Olympic Qualifier #1 by AniaJag

Placements: '1st'
Purse won: $31906
Travel cost: $108
Bacchus Olympic Qualifier #2 by AniaJag

Placements: '1st'
Purse won: $25681
Travel cost: $5774
Bacchus Olympic Qualifier #3 by AniaJag

Placements: '1st'
Purse won: $15269
Travel cost: $5774
Flavia in Love | Qualifier by AniaJag

Placements: 1st
Purse won: $4813
Travel cost: $64
Spotlight on Bee | Qualifier by AniaJag

Placements: 3rd
Purse won: $1382
Travel cost: $64
Movement by AniaJag

Placements: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Purse won: $1292
Travel cost: $0

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